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How to Pick A Right Large Beach Bag


Ever gone to the beach with just a towel and your little purse carrying your phone and keys? If yes, then you surely understand the value of having a large beach bag that can carry as much stuff as possible. You don’t want to make the same mistake of coming back from the beach with sunburn, itchy eyes, messy hair and wet clothes. That too, with a rumbling stomach and dry throat as you took nothing to the beach with you. Next time, be prepared and add as many things as you can to your beach bag so that your beach day can become a fun day instead of a burden. Here are a few things you need to know before buying a beach bag for your next adventure.

Look For The Perfect Size

Beach bags come in all sizes and colours. There are way too many brands and unlimited varieties that you will get utterly confused about picking the right one. The most important parameter of choosing the right beach bag is to choose the right size. It doesn’t matter if you are going alone or with kids, nor does it matter how long you are planning to stay on the beach. In any situation, always go for a large beach bag. Going to the beach requires a lot of preparation and so many important things. A beach bag should be large enough to carry all things you will possibly need from clothes, swimming gear, food and water to sunscreen, lip balm, and eye and hair protectant. You can never be too prepared.

Choose A Suitable Fabric

Beach bags come in a variety of materials. They include canvas, denim, raffia and crocheted cotton. But the best material of them all is an Oxford mesh fabric. It is the perfect material to take to the beach as it has so many qualities that other materials lack. An Oxford fabric is dense in nature which means that it can carry as much weight as you want. Moreover, it weighs almost nothing. A large beach bag made with Oxford fabric weighs around 0.07 kg which is too light to be noticeable.

Also, the mesh can drain out all the sand and dirt from anything that you put back in the bag and it can withstand the constant exposure of sun, wind, sand and water. Not to mention that it is easily washable which makes it last a lifetime. Moreover, a mesh bag is see-through which makes it highly convenient to access things in the beach bag without going through a lot of trouble with so many things inside.

Pick The Style That Suits You

There are multiple styles of beach bags, from crossbody to basic handles. But a beach bag is actually a simple tote bag. It should be easy to carry and visually attractive. Try to pick a beach bag with broad handles and a width of around 42 x 40 cm so that it has enough space inside to carry all your important things. You can choose a vibrant colour to match your outfit as well.


No matter what type of large beach bag you choose, just remember that it will stay with you for years to come. So, make a sound decision and have as much fun at the beach as you can.

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